Arlo Login

Arlo Setup

To start with the Arlo setup, you must create your own Arlo Login account. You can create your Arlo login account using the Arlo app or its official website To know how you can complete the Arlo setup on your own, you can follow the downward steps. Doing this will give you more clarity and guidance and provide you with the correct information for Arlo Setup.

Primary Steps for Arlo Setup

➨ First, start by setting up your Arlo base station. 

➨ After doing this, create your own Arlo login account using

➨ Next, you need to set up and sync the Arlo camera.

➨ Lastly, look for the Arlo firmware update and position of the camera.

Before you start, it is essential to download the Arlo app on your smartphone. Moreover, using an Arlo app makes it convenient for an Arlo Setup and monitors what’s happening at your work and personal space. Furthermore, the Arlo app is available for both Android and iPhone users.

Primary Steps to Download the Arlo App

➨ Initially, you need to download the Arlo app on your mobile device.

➨ Then, open the Arlo app and click on the ‘New to Arlo’ option. 

➨ Next, select your Arlo camera model name and number. 

➨ Lastly, the app will recommend setting up the Arlo base station.

Furthermore, you can also navigate to the web page from your system to implement the steps for Arlo setup. Here are the downward steps that you can follow to complete the Arlo setup.

Arlo Setup Base Station

➨ First, start setting up the Arlo base station by plugging one end of the Ethernet cable into the base station and its other end into the router. After this, plug the power adapter and press the On-Off button on your base station.

➨ Next, you can click on ‘Continue’ in the Arlo app.

➨ Now, wait for your Arlo base station to power up, and then the app will automatically detect your base station.

➨ Afterward, you have to choose the ‘Time-Zone’ option. And then click on the ‘Save’ option. 

➨ Lastly, you can give a name or rename the base station.

Steps for Installing Arlo Base Station

Create an Arlo Account

  1. First, you need to provide your email ID and password.
  2. After doing that, type the required details for further processing.
  3. Finally, press the ‘Next’ option for completion.

Sync Arlo Camera to Arlo Base Station

  1. Here, to know how to sync your Arlo camera to the base station. You can follow the downward steps-

  2. Begin by placing your Arlo camera a little far away from you.

  3. Then, click the ‘Continue’ button in the Arlo app.

  4. Next, insert the batteries into your Arlo camera.

  5. Remember, you must press the ‘Sync’ button of the base station for 5 seconds.

  6. After that, press the ‘Sync’ button on your Arlo camera.

  7. Consequently, the devices will connect and then press the ‘Continue’ button in the app.

  8. Afterward, click the ‘Finish’ option.

  9. Finally, you need to click on ‘Add more devices’ if you want to add more Arlo cameras to the base station.

The Arlo Firmware Update and Positioning the Arlo Camera

Once you set up your Arlo camera to the Arlo base station, the Arlo firmware update must be done. Moreover, the Arlo app will notify you whenever a new Arlo firmware update is available. Then, you can click on the message to update your Arlo camera or Arlo Setup. Remember, you will notice the alternating blue and amber light on the Arlo camera indicating that the firmware is in process.

Hence, your Arlo camera setup or Arlo Setup process is completed. Afterward, you can mount your Arlo camera wherever you want to.